Shine your light, be a star!

by Package Girl: music buff with Abby's heart


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(At the shooting range Gibbs tapes Tony's hat on his target)
Tony: (protests) Ah c'mon, boss. I've been breaking that cap in for three months. I love that cap.
Kate: Then don't shoot it.
Gibbs: Back this up? (Tapes Kate's PDA to her target).
Kate: (protests) Ah, no no no, Gibbs. Come on, my whole life is in that thing.
Gibbs: Then don't shoot it. (walks away)
Kate: (to Tony) If we screw this up, I have a suggestion.
Tony: What?
Kate: We break into Gibbs' basement and set the boat on fire.
Tony: That's cold, Kate. I knew there was a reason I liked you.
Gibbs: Fire. Let's see how you do under pressure.
Tony: I'll bring the lighter fluid.
Kate: Deal.
-- Marine down (1.09) --> More NCIS quotes

Gibbs's lost rule:
"Always drive fast. Rushed? Drive faster. Life & death situation?
Add shooting. In any case: the hell with speed limits."
-- Cyad

"Shine your light. Be a star & help others shine theirs brighly."
"Beauty fades. Charm lasts forever."
-- Cyad

NCIS animations from Marine down (1.09) by & courtesy of duskyraven.
Kibbs banner by & courtesy of curly_the_sue, kibbslover & scully1121.