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Rosefern & Isles: swinging on a star

"Only 9% of the world is left-handed; this has been the same since
prehistoric times."

-- Ducky, NCIS

(*) Tate gifs by mollysmiles.

A man walks into a bar (8x14)

I wanna frame that ep. Seriously. I mean, finally. It's my dream come true. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. **hugs it to bits**

PS: Kibbs userpic's definitely in order from now on.


Book meme

Snatched at sasha_perrette:

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them.

and the winners are...Collapse )


The wind that shakes the barley

Aka Loreena McKennitt's latest opus. It's just pure awesomeness & brings you back to the origin of celtic music aka journey through Ireland & Scotland. For those who have the patience to dld song by song: album's this way. Enjoy!

It's a small music world

Just realised my former flute teacher did the OST of Harry Potter & the Deathly hollow. Oh my. It's a small world after all.


Someone plese de-mute me

I'm really wondering what's wrong now. I tried everything. And voice's still off vacationing somewhere. What if she never comes back?

I honestly considered learning FSL so I could somehow feel like I'm talking to people instead of just listening to them with no replying option.

To make things worse, I'm ordered not to whisper, talk or sing. And It feels like I'm less and less able to maintain a conversation, even online. Like I'm closing down myself, somehow. And I hate that.

And did I mention "not singing" is just pure torture? <-- It's pure torture.

If I was in Kate mode right now,I'd shoot myself.

Get Closer D-1 in a few minutes

But wanted to share the youtube playlist I put together (and in album order) of Keith Urban - Get Closer tracklist. In case some, like me, are a bit impatient for the new album. Enjoy! :)

As current song, the most beautiful, imo. One that makes your soul just breathe.

X-Mas card exchange

I never done this before but, flist is doing it and I think it's a terrific idea, since it's Christmas Card Meme time of the year again!

Great thing with it is, rule's super-simple:

if you want to receive a christmas card from me, please leave your adress with your country in a comment (they're screened, don't wory!). and don't second guess, beat yourself up or wonder: "oh but, why bother giving my addy if I can't, won't be able to return the favor?"

As I said, rule's super simple: if you'd love for me to send you a card with the most craziest greetings you'd ever thought of, hit comment with your addy -and hugs, and all sort of things you'd love to put in a regular comment, and as we say here: "voilà!". <-- or "tadda!" if you prefer.

And to match the color of meme pic: current song. :)

Help young artists, get free music

Wanna help young artists from ReverbNation reach fame & get free downloads in the process? Clickety here and enjoy!

Below are my choice of playlist so far. Multistyles! =)

tracklist with artists' namesCollapse )


flyby overdue news update

Hey guys,

It's been another while since I last posted. Sorry about that. I hope you're all fabuliciously fine and that life's treating you kindly. What about me? Well, let me see...

... Overworking and, since nov 9th, on medical leave at least up 'til nov 21rst. At first, I thought it was your usual cold.

Called the doctor and he said "laryngitis". First time I ever had that. Don't really eager to reiterate. Saw another MD 'cause treatment didn't seem efficient (first doc had prescribed meds that made me even worse, asthma wise).

At this point, I have to elaborate a bit: spent the last week not speaking, whispering or singing. Doc's orders. So, whenever family or firends stopped home, I talked via notebook & pencil. It was very "The Piano". Only, replace the piano by a flute or mike and you'll get the idea.

So, second doc upgrades it a bit: "major laryngitis" and sends me to ORL who went: "your vocal chords are perfect". SO, asked him why, for the last week I've been feeling like I swallowed a big ball of white-hot nedles and
his only reply is: "causes are psychological. relax. meditate". I swear it took all my wiccan self-control not to LOL.

So, on nov 16th, am booked with an ubber specialist for a vocal checkup and maybe voice re-education, if needed.That's all for me.

How about you? What's new in your part of the world? Life? fan life?

2 songs below are to be featured on Keith Urban's New album: Get Closer. To be releasedon the 16th. Counting the days. But just thought I'd share. Enjoy! :)


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